We were in need of a nice rest, it’s been good to stay in one place for a week and put our feet up a bit, it’s hard work travelling.

First day here it snowed and was damn cold. We both felt it was time Freda did some kids stuff, so I found that there was a toy museum on our subway line. It was horrible getting there, wet, freezing cold snow, but thank goodness for the 100 Yen shop, where we kitted ourselves out with winter warmers! Not the best quality, as I’m sure you can imagine, but just about did the trick! When we got to the Toy Museum, we had a bit of a disaster as it was shut! Every parents nightmare, when their child is soooo excited. Good trick I used was to blame it on her……….if she had only given me more than 1 minute this morning, I may have had chance to look at the opening times! So, reluctantly she took responsibility, and luckily for me, there was the Tokyo Fire Musuem just around the corner……


unfortunately, it was free for a reason! Anyway, we took pity on her and Freda got a fire truck to make up for the very disappointing day, a toy one!

So, again feeling guilty we tried the next day to do something child friendly. We went on a massive ferris wheel, great for all as we could see Mt. Fuji.


It’s such a symbol of Japan, it feels very special when you get to see its majestic, conical shape appearing in the distance. Mitch insisted on an all glass pod, which was quite scary. See if you can spot it! Freda refers to every Ferris wheel she sees, as the London Eye, this one was the Tokyo London Eye.


We then mooched around the dock lands area, which had a few great sites, like a huge transformer and a mini Statue of Liberty!!


One of the reasons for visiting this area, was to go to a play centre for Freda. Mitch got the pleasure of taking her there, we made sure this time it was open and I enjoyed a spot of shopping. Not that I can buy anything, as we haven’t got any room in our bags! So, I mainly enjoyed another 100 Yen shop! I know it’s sad, but don’t cast judgement till you’ve been in one…..much better than our versions and when everything in Japan is so expensive, it’s amazing what you can get for 70p! On the way back, we stopped by a Christmas light show, which was fun and conveyor belt sushi, a firm favourite now, a) because it a cheap, b) a quick eat, c) no Japanese is required as you order on a tablet or take off the belt. This one also had bullet trains delivering your food, so made it extra special!!


By day 3 of Tokyo, after a bit of rest and a few quietish days, Freda seemed to have recovered from our rail journeys, so we thought it was time to get back in the sight seeing saddle! We went into central Tokyo and took a look at the Imperial Palace……not that exciting, I’m afraid to say. We had a good bowl of noodles and as it was a clear day we wanted another ‘Mt. Fuji fix’, so made our way to the Government Buildings, renowned for their good view and being free, which is very unusual in Japan! Unfortunately on the subway, we read that the Government Buildings are shut at the weekend, but luckily for us the Toy Museum was not, so we went there. A result for Freda, and I have to say it was a really good Museum.


We have definitely had our style cramped while in Tokyo, Freda was so tired after all the excitement from playing (she’s been used to walking around Temples!) this is her on the way home!


So another day was spent doing very little. She needed more rest as we were taking her to Disneyland the day after for an early birthday present, she gets in free before she turns 4, son it seemed silly to wait until her birthday!

Freda was back on form for Disneyland and of course had a fantastic time!


I don’t know what it’s like anywhere else on the planet, but it was consumerism gone mad! The Japanese must have had to have taken out another mortgage to afford all the merchandise they bought. Everyone was dripping with all things Disney, literally covered from head to toe. People were obsessed, as soon as we arrived there was an hours queue to have a picture with a person dressed up as Mickey Mouse. Freda wanted to get a picture, so I told her to stand as close as she could before we got moved on!


What Mitch and I found hard to believe was that adults were there without children, queuing (for example) well over 30 minutes for a kids game that splats imaginary paint on a screen……..Freda quite liked it, but come on! With Minnie Mouse ears on, hundreds of Disney toys hanging off every available space on their body, there were lots of crazy sights to be seen! People set-up camp in the freezing cold on the parade routes, hours before each commenced, but it was quite easy to see it all if you walked up just when it was passing by……..utter madness!! Anyway, I’m sure there are Disney fans amongst you, but it’s wasn’t for me. Check out the girls in the bottom left! img_4394

Freda went on every ride we could get on, she didn’t seem to care about how scary it was or what it did, her favourite thing was the haunted house. However, space mountain, a very fast roller coaster in the dark, was maybe a little too much for her. But, she’s already asking when we can go again, “maybe in 30 years when you have your own children” I said to her “will you come mummy?” she said “no!”. Although I did enjoy a few rides, I can’t lie.

So, finally a day with no child activities today. I dragged them to the National Museum, to see beautiful works of Japanese art, with all the old lady’s…….much more my thing!


We’re flying up north tomorrow to Sapporo, where our 100 Yen purchases will really be put to the test. We’ve been told it’s snowing up there and after a few days we’re off into the mountains to go skiing. Don’t worry though, we’re hiring clothes for skiing so I’m not sending Freda out in her 70 pence gloves and hat. Well maybe the hat!

Before I go, I need to give a mention to my editor in chief, Mitch Sharpe, who wants praise for making sure this blog goes out in a well organised, spell-checked, readable and grammatically correct manner. Thanks Mitch, but I’m sure most people know I’ve not written this alone, as I can’t spell for shit! You’re a great help and inspiration to all. You’re amazing, we all love you.


A master at work!

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  1. Good old Mitch! Sounds like you are ready for skiing after all the kiddie and consumer filled madness! We are all packed and waiting to go to the airport in the morning so looking forward to some sunshine at last! Loving the updates x

  2. Wow, I look forward to your updates, it looks like you’re having an awesome time. Tell Mitch he needs to improve his grammar / spell check skills as there are still one or two!!! 😀 (I can’t help my OCD!!)
    Keep up the blogs, highlight of my week during a cold British winter!

    1. You have no idea what I have to contend with!
      We have to go to the 7eleven pre-blog, so that I have a few beers at the ready! Mitch

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