3 days have flown by in Bangkok. After touching down, we embarked a treacherous journey from the airport, kamikaze taxi driver and Freda saying mummy mummy mummy over and over. Was close to throwing up when we arrived at our lovely hotel the Oriental Residence Bangkok. Have to say to anyone travelling with a small child in Asia, the Trunki car seat has been great, although we’ve had to scrabble around in sticky muck behind the car seats of cabs to pull out the seat belt female bit, which has been nice. Can’t understand why these are hidden, but taxi drivers are most perturbed when you want to find one!!

First day was awful, Freda talked none stop till she flopped just after 10pm, I think Mitch and I were both regretting our decision to come/bring her!! But, all was well the next day when we woke late. I opened my birthday presents…….some good, some a bit heavy to carry for a year, thanks Mitch.

We’ve definitey stuck to the more sedate side of Bangkok, chilling out in Lumpini park, image

Where we had birthday cake in the rain on a swan pedalo! The boat lady thought we were crazy as the monsoon rain had started before we even got pedalling. Best birthday cake ever!


We’ve eaten some great food, Vertigo restaurant Bangkok being the highlight! Although it was slightly embarrassing when Mitch realised we’d forgot to put pants on Freda, and anyone who knows our child will know her inability to sit still. So the waiters got more than an eyeful when waiting on our table as legs kept flying into the air!


Today we managed to do the one tourist things we could face and went to Grand Palace, very grand and very palatial…….although Freda was unimpressed and had a grander desire for Yo Yo Bears!!  At least her entrance fee was free!!



Had a lovely lunch by the river (overlooking Wat Arun) and then came back to the pool for cocktails and thunderstorms.


So all’s good with us, might have to start getting in to this travelling malarkey soon and stop living it up.

Next stop Chiang Mai.

Oh and check out Freda’s VLOG on top menu.


5 thoughts on “Bangkok

  1. Wow very busy first few days. Pleased your birthday was enjoyable Ilona. Loved Freda’s blog.
    We now back from Cornwall, 30 in Lincoln today.
    Love you all xxx

  2. Love it great to hear what you’ve been up to. Erin and Flynn loved seeing the Freda vlog super cute. Taxi journey reminded me of Marrakech x

  3. Sounds amazing. Belated happy birthday! Florie misses Freda. She loves the photos of her they have made her smile and she says could you give Freda a huggle from her. Freda and her no pants made us laugh too. Bless her. Can’t wait to hear where next. Love from us all xxxx

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